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05.17.2020 | Project 3 - Final Look Development

Updated: May 21, 2020

I finished adjusting my maps in Substance Painter and fixed the color and roughness of the inner mouth and tongue.

Additionally, to add a little flair to my chameleon, I decided to have the color change slightly throughout the animation. I did this by reading my painted base color map into an aiColorCorrect node. I then keyed the "Hue Shift" to have the colors change throughout the animation. I've decided to have him go through three stages (shown below). He starts off more yellow-orange, then transforms into its original yellow-green color and then lastly it becomes a really rich green color.

With all these aspects set up, I set up my render layers so that I could set up my node network in Nuke. I originally only had one ground occlusion and one object occlusion layer, but after my first composite, I realized that the shadow didn't seem dark enough, so I created a second ground occlusion layer to give a core to my contact shadow and create depth and believability.

Now that I've composited everything together, it's time to optimize my render settings and begin rendering my animation for the final composite.

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