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05.24.2020 | Project 3 - Completed

Before I compiled my breakdown video, I wanted to add some finishing touches to my ball match by color correcting and adding a texture map. I think I was able to get a fairly close match, however, the area where the shadow and ground reflection intersect needs to be darker. I couldn't find a way to do it without making the whole shadow or reflection darker. Below is the comparison.

Additionally, after I wrote out my final image sequence into After Effects, I couldn't help but feel like the camera was too static when the chameleon's tongue hits it, so I decided I'd add a camera shake.

To do this, in my composition with my image sequence, I created a null object and attached a slider control attribute to it. Under the Position attribute of my image sequence, I replaced the original expression, with a wiggle expression, "wiggle(freq, amp)". The frequency determines how often the value moves per second and the amplitude determines how much the value can change from the starting value. With this expression, I entered a value of 5 for the frequency and then attached my slider control to drive my amplitude. With that, set keys on my slider control for the frames where the tongue makes contact. The first key, before contact, the value was 0, on contact was a value of -50, and after contact was a value of 3.

Once that was set and I was pleased with the speed of the shake, I needed to get rid of the black bars that appeared when the images were displaced. To fix that, I used a Motion Tile effect and mirrored the edges so that there weren't clear black lines on the screen.

Then to wrap it all up I created an adjustment layer and applied a directional blur to give the illusion of blur from the impact. I was very pleased with the final appearance and overall I feel like it really enhanced the believability of my shot. Tiny details like this can make a BIG difference.


With all of that completed, I finished compiling my breakdown video, and below is the finished product. Enjoy.

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