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04.30.2020 | Project 3 - Compositing Animated Assets

For this project, we've been tasked with compositing an animated asset into a live-action scene.

Since I'm an animator, I feel like it's only right that I animate a character for this project. After looking at some of the animated rigs I already had, I decided to use Truong CG Artist's Chameleon rig for this assignment. I chose this model because as an animator, I've yet to experiment with animating quadrupeds , so I think this will serve as useful learning experience. I'll keep the animation fairly simple however, so it leaves me with more time to focus on the composting aspect of this project.

The model comes already UV’d with pre-made color, specular, and normal maps, however I plan on tweaking the color map of the model to give him a slightly more realistic pattern.

I used the same lighting from my project 2 to get a feel of what he looks like lit and I briefly experimented with the shader attributes. I quickly created an aiCellNoise as a bump to get a scale texture and threw subsurface on the tongue and body.


The live action background I plan on using for this assignment was taken by Austin Aguliar. The photoset includes a cube and ball reference for integration, a chrome sphere for the dome, and a camera move which will require 3D camera tracking.

This weekend, I plan on setting up the lighting for my scene, as well as get as far as I can on my chameleon animation.

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