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05.02.2020 | Project 3 - Set-up and Animation

So I've begun my process of setting up my camera and lighting for my scene. I used the photo references taken by Austin Aguliar and took them into Maya to help me set up my cube match. I used the cube reference for camera, and key light placement, and then used the sphere reference to refine the key light intensity. I then created my dome, assigned it an Maya surface shader and projected my chrome sphere image onto it. However the chrome sphere image provided in the photoset was only a JPG and not an HDRI so it was a lot less accurate, so I'm going to have to compensate for that.

I noticed that my cube wasn't getting enough shadow on the parts facing into the room. I assumed that this was a result of the dome giving me too much ambient light. So I created a flag to block off some of that light. I used a polyPlane, assigned it a Maya surface shader and made it black. Then I placed it in front of my cube and I was able to bring out those darker values.


I also began animating my Chameleon rig, to get him ready for integration. It didn't take that long to do, but right now it's a pretty simple walk cycle. I plan on adding more variation once I set up the 3D camera tracking, because then I'll know how far he needs to walk.

Next I plan on setting up my 3D camera track, making more progress on my sphere match and setting up my render layers for compositing in Nuke.

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